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Fully-equipped machine and pipe shop facilities in Aberdeen

Kerloch currently operate their manufacturing facility within Bridge of Don Aberdeen. Ideally placed in the centre of Aberdeen we have the perfect location for supporting supply chain and customer interaction. The facility has two workshops.


The machine shop for accessories and pup joints and the other side is the pipe shop, designed for threading casing and tubing joints up to R3 joints (Roughly 40ft)


Pipe Shop

Kerloch Oil Tools' pipe shop is equipped with a Tuscan Turret LS1000 x 1400 heavy duty CNC lathe. The Tuscan Turret lathe is used for processing R3 pipe up to 14" and the manufacture of pup joints.


The pipe shop is also home to one of our Mori Seiki SL8 CNC lathes. This machine handles R3 casing and pup joints up to 13 5/8" o/d.


Additional facilities within the Kerloch Oil Tools' pipe shop are zinc and manganese phosphating baths for thread coating.

On-Site laboratory


Kerloch Oil Tools' dedicated on-site laboratory allows us to verify all pipe and accessory coatings prior to leaving the premises, to ensure that these meet our licensors' specifications.

Kerloch Machine Shop

Within Kerloch Oil Tools' machine shop, we have the specialist equipment and skills to handle complete manufacture of crossovers and other associated products, which we can create to your own design. ​ Kerloch Oil Tools' machine shop equipment range includes: 

 Two computer-controlled Hankook CNC lathes for accessories and pup joints

 A fully rotational computerised torque machine for R3 casing and pup joints up to 16"

 Cirmaq 250 swaging machine and induction stress relieving unit.

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