Kerloch Oil Tools holds a variety of premium thread licenses and is committed to health, safety, the environment and quality (HSEQ).

Kerloch Oil Tools is proud to hold a variety of premium thread licenses, including:

  • VAM including VAM 21
  • Tenaris
  • Atlas Bradford
  • NSCC
  • NSCT.

A full list of Kerloch Oil Tools' range of licenses is available as a PDF file. Download your copy here.

To find out more about VAM 21, which represents the latest generation of threaded and coupled connections, watch this short film.

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To watch the video on YouTube click here.

In order to retain our premium thread licenses, Kerloch Oil Tools is audited on an annual basis.  It has dedicated personnel who are responsible for quality, health and safety. The company holds API Spec 7-1, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations.

API_Spec_Q1_Kerloch_Q1-2761.jpg  Monogram_with_license_number_blue.jpg  VAM21.png

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